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The Dandiya Raas is a stick dance played by a group of evenly numbered dancers, dancing in two concentric circular lines, with one line moving clockwise and the other moving counter clockwise. The dancers may twist, turn and sway and even change places depending on their ability and inclination



The Dandiya Raas is played by just men or just women and also by women and men together. This mixed dancing is a unique achievement of this culture and shows great awareness of the relations between men and womenAs the dancers interact with each other when they click their Dandiyas, they have a few moments to acknowledge and greet most everyone who takes their place on the swirling dancing circles



The word Raas is derived from and linked to the word Rasa. Rasa is a complex term with several meanings however it may be taken to mean  the nectar or essence of a thing. One rationale behind Rasa is that it allows the exposition  and exhibition of various  emotions and longings through art, in this instance the art of dance. The significance of Rasa is further explored in our section on the Natyashastra



When you observe Dandiya Raas danced with energy and passion it becomes obvious that the dance has martial origins and elements, evoking fighting with swords as the player warriors click and swipe with the sticks.. The dance is also performed as a mock fight to emulate the battle of the Goddess Durga against evil in many forms.In some regions of Gujarat the dance is performed by men in a martial style and manner



The sound of sticks clicking all over the place add to the melody of the music and makes all who play a crucial part of the performance.
The clicking dancers also hear the more immediate rhythm of the clicking with the person opposite
Not partners, just erstwhile engagers who click and are off and awayCan also play with a partners or many partners


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