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At a devotional Garba event, the first two hours or so are devoted to performing Garba dances. There is then a short period of communal worship known as an Aarti, in which the gathering stand in a circle around a image or sculpture of a deity and sing and chant a devotional composition. This is done whilst clapping hands, with some people holding a  decorated tray of small lighted wicks ( Divas ) which they wave in a gentle swaying motion

hands on the flame


The dancers for several hours before, having swirled and whirled in dance, now with all onlookers, gather in a circle several lines deep and surround the central figure of the gloriously decorated and adorned divine goddess. The worshippers then commence singing and chanting in unison and harmony,  continuing in this worship and veneration for a short while, usually about twenty  minutes.

lighting the divine


It is believed that through this ritual of the aarti, the divas acquire the spirit and power of the deity, The divas  are then circulated amongst the worshippers, who will lightly cup their downturned palms over the flame and then raise their palms over their forehead so that the divine blessing passes from the flame to the devotees. People also place currency notes or coins in the tray of divas as a token of their appreciation for the blessings of the divine; these  contributions also help to defray some of the cost of the event

blissful radiance


Prasad is a gracious gift of edible delicacies, such as fruits, nuts and other, mainly sweet, items which have been lovingly prepared by the devotees. These  are then carefully set upon silver or metal trays and placed as offerings around the figure of the deity in the centre of the dance circle. After the aarti has concluded, the trays are emptied and their contents are packed in small bags to offer to the devotees as they leave the occasion

offerings delicious


The Prasad having been offered to and then blessed by the deity, is believed to have the blessing enshrined in itself. It is considered that the offering and partaking of this sacred prasad to as many people as possible allows positive thoughts to be fostered

being positive


The dancing continues after the Aarti, though it is acceptable to leave the events after the Aarti and many of the older and the vulnerable will leave after the Aarti. The floor is then taken over by the dancers to start playing the Dandiya Raas dance

dancing THE dance


The repetitive movements of Garba dance, synchronized with the melodious chants of Aarti, induce a state of meditative bliss, wherein devotees lose themselves in the divine ecstasy of devotion. Through this immersive experience, participants transcend the limitations of the physical realm, attaining spiritual elevation and enlightenment. CHAP GPT

chanting melodies


Each verse reverberates with fervent devotion, invoking the goddess's grace and benevolence upon her devotees. Through poignant verses and stirring melodies, Garba Aarti transcends the mundane realm, transporting participants into a realm of spiritual ecstasy and divine communion.

freshly amazed

sparkling shining devotion


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